1st Community Base eCommerce System in the Philippines




1st Community Base eCommerce platform in the Philippines

We all know the businesses are changing in such a way that people have no option to engaged in online selling due to a naturally raised crisis like COVID-19 etc. 

The online selling tools have been around more than two-decade but people were embracing it slowly due to there was no urgency in life. Today all businesses need to survive and they took this old technology to adapt to the new NORMAL of the world.

Today I am going to discuss how we can easily adapt this new normal to sustain our life in the coming days. We are lucky to have a lot of tools on the Internet and each of them has its uniqueness to support this crisis. We all know FaceBook has been dominating social media and people also embraced it like the basic needs of life, but still, Facebook is social media, not an eCommerce business doing place, but it helps the eCommerce to grow. I personally like the Facebook power to bring people to your page and talk about your product service etc. I will strongly recommend the advantage of this social media but you have to ready for eCommerce too.

But the big question is How? Yes, there are a lot of tools also available on the Internet like the marketplace, shopping cart website, etc. I will strongly recommend to all entrepreneurs and small businessmen and individuals to join this www.citybee.ph because I personally believe its best tools to address the present need and I will explain why.

  1. CityBee.ph is almost free. Anyone can subscribe to 90 days to sell online. Once your free subscription ends you can avail 1peso a day subscription which 365 pesos for 365 days which almost free.
  2. The seller gets all the proper tools to sell online.
  3. The Seller gets IOS and Android apps to manage the business any time anywhere from the smartphone.
  4. The seller gets real-time communicating with the buyer in live chat systems.
  5. The seller gets COD, Pickup, Online Transaction of selling goods.
  6. and many more tools

One of the beauties of this marketplace you can find things by the city, which will give you more confidence to purchase and deal with local people or sellers.

What are you waiting for MUST sign up as a seller and start building your online store within your city?

https://www.citybee.ph/signup-seller Click this link and Register today.  Let's build the economy again for our country.