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Baby is On the Way

For those who are pregnant for the first time, you may be experiencing headache, nausea with or without vomiting, sensitivity in taste and smell, craving too much in a food, having mood swings and faintness or dizziness. It is only natural because a woman’s body is changing due to the baby in the womb that you are carrying.

Every pregnant woman should have a monthly check up and get enough rest. Some pregnancies are tough. Some woman needs bed rest because their pregnancy needs a lot of care because it might lead to miscarriage or may cause some improper development to the baby.

There are many things that a pregnant woman must not do or eat. A pregnant woman cannot smoke cigarettes, drink alcoholic drinks, and work too much. They should also refrain from eating undercooked meat raw foods, and processed foods and avoid drinking too much coffee. You should exercise when you have a time. There are many ways to exercise when you are pregnant.

For those who are afraid in travelling while being pregnant, you don’t have to worry. If you are going to ride a car or a plane, just make sure that you always put your seatbelts on for safety. Avoid riding motorcycle because it doesn’t have a seatbelt and it is very unsafe for a pregnant woman to ride on.

For sleeping position, a pregnant woman is advised to sleep sideways. Always go to your check-ups, get flu vaccines, have a dental check up to avoid dental infections, and take prenatal vitamins. Avoid stress, the baby can feel your every emotion and it can affect him/her. All husbands must be patient and extra loving in this period.

Some people gives a baby shower party before the pregnant gives birth. The guests give gifts for the baby to welcome the baby even if it is not born yet. They are giving their wishes for the safe delivery and for a healthy baby to be born.

When the baby arrives, family, friends and co-workers are visiting the new parents in the hospital to see the baby and to congratulate them for another blessing. Some visitors give fruits and foods as a gift. Some people gave flower bouquets and balloons that has “It’s a Girl or It’s a Boy” design with it.

If you have to give congratulations bouquet to someone who has given birth, give her a white flowers or any flowers that is very light in color. You can have it with gerberas or carnations because they have a great variety of colors and they can last longer than other flowers.

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