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Blogging is way of expressing emotions, feelings, opinions..

I never been a writer or blogger in my entire life. Today I am writing because I have discover KwentoNiJuan blogging platform and I wanted to express my thoughts, other people thoughts, feeling in a place so all people can read, share, review, comments to impact others life in positive way.  I also believe all FILIPINO people has lot more stories to share. KwentoNiJuan will be one of the best, reliable, fast, spam free place to post all things as blog content. Today just started our journey, there will be more improvement, changes, suggestion will adapt to make this platform one best online Blog website in the County. 

I have been living in Philippines 21 years, came here in 1998 to study in the Lyceum of the Philippine, Intramuros, Manila city. I have embraced all most every cultures of Philippines every day in my life. I have lot stories to tell people because I believe stories make an example to all people and it motivate special way to embrace changes in the world. Changes are natural laws; we must accept everyday life.

The island country Philippines has lot of languages, trend, practices, lifestyle, foods, tourist spot, beautiful beaches, mountains, cold and hot weather, native delicacies, success stories, etc. Filipino people engage everyday lot of experiences in the life, which will be share in this blog platform. I had lot of stories to share during travelling to several places in the Philippines. Each place I have visited created lifelong memories to share, which encourage others to create also good memories in life.

The goal of the KwentoNiJuan is very simple, we want all FILIPINO people join in this website to write their opinion, feelings, experiences, pleasure, advise, recommendation, future, guideline, reviews, real stories, situations, etc. We want true of everything to bring a big difference in the blogger world. I also believe OFW community has thousands of stories to share, their success, motivation, challenges, lifestyle, learning, etc. Our country has lot of successful people who can be mentor to the remaining people in the Philippines. Our country has lot of example of being humble, being happy, being friendly to the others can be a story to share in the world who we are.

I am inviting personally to all of you to join and starting writing, it will be fun, it will be enjoyable in the journey to our success KwentoNiJuan want to recognize all blogger in the Philippines. We want to prove to world we are unique; we are the best nation in the world with big heart, discipline, and lot of stories to motivate the whole world.

Joining in the KwentoNiJuan is simple “Be a Blogger” click this link you will able to see link Register as Blogger. Once you finish registration you need to login your blogger account, you must upload your Birth Certificate and 1 Valid ID to activate your account. Even your account is not activated you will be stat writing once blogger account will be activated your blog will display in the website.

KwentoNiJuan is new website we just launched this website November 20,2019, there will be still lot of things to improve, we are looking forward your suggestions, thoughts, ideas etc. You can email us all the time at we will appreciate your thoughts too.