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Carnation: Flower of the Gods

Carnation is from the Latin Word “Dianthus” which means “flower of the Gods”. Carnations were cultivated as garden flowers in the ancient Rome and Greece. White carnations are inevitable part of wedding bouquets. It is also prepared for the first wedding anniversary. Carnations are birth flowers for all people that are born in January because these little gems generally represent pride, fascination, gratitude and divine love. Each color gets its own distinction: white for purity and luck, dark red petals for deep love and admiration and purple for capriciousness.

These flowers are often used as decoration for tuxedoes for prom or wedding. Bouquets made of pink carnations are traditionally prepared for the Mother’s day. Besides in bouquets, flowers of carnations can be used as food. They can be consumed in the form of salads or they can be used as decoration for cakes and other desserts. It can also be used as flavoring agents for some beer manufacturers, wine and alcoholic beverages. White carnation will change its color after adding food coloring to the water. Flower will change its color after 24 hours.

Carnations are an extremely popular choice nationwide. One reason they are so popular is due to their ability to last between two to three weeks. Simple yet sophisticated, carnations can transform any setting with undeniable charm and alluring fragrance. You can put it in a vase after cleaning the stems and leaves.

Carnations are the best for occasions because it is not only beautiful and elegant looking but it is also very affordable and easy to find. With their ruffled petals and sweet scent of cloves, carnations add beauty and fragrance to any room or event.

Carnations bloom in hues of white, pink, red, and purple with solid or variegated petals. Every color has its own meaning. Pink symbolizes a mother’s underlying love. It is perfect for Mother’s Day. Light red represents admiration and friendship. Send some light red carnations for your friends and to the one you admires the most. Crimson expresses deep love and affection so order crimson colored carnation for Valentine’s day to express your feelings to your loved ones. White conveys pure love, faithfulness and innocence. While yellow expresses how bright and happy you are. Send some yellow carnations to make someone happy.

If you are lazy enough to go to a flower shop personally, you can order carnation bouquets online. Manilablossoms is the one stop online flower shop when it comes to carnation arrangements! We have many great bouquet designs. We offer door to door delivery and same day delivery.

Carnations can be also mixed with other flowers like roses, gerberas, stargazers, tulips and sunflower. You can also choose the ribbon and wrapper color. We have many different kinds of wrapper designs and ribbon colors that you can choose from.

Carnation bouquets are also very popular as gifts especially in Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and birthdays. So what are you waiting for? Check our website and order now! We accept early reservations for Valentines’s Day.




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