every type of coffee



every type of coffee

Every type of coffee

Each persons have a different type of coffee, matters most is the taste and its aroma, whether it makes you alert, calm, or any mood you can adapt to it.

Base from what I searched, there are many nutrients in coffee beans and making their way to your fresh brewed coffee, this may not seem a big deal but most people enjoy several cups per day, not knowing how much nutrients they take. Coffee is highly popular beverage around the globe that have a number of impressive health benefits.

Here are some list of type of coffee you can enjoy every day.


This consists of a single or double shot of espresso or a ground coffee bean brewed with a hot water.  It can be hot or iced, or whatever it desired. This type of coffee derives from American Spanish or from Italy.  Because of its intense flavor, many people take their espresso mixed with water, which is how you make an Americano. It's a wonderfully rich cup of coffee.

This consists of steamed milk and a shot of espresso. The word comes from Italy which is caffè e latte means “milk coffee”. In Italy, caffè latte is almost always prepared at home, for breakfast only. The coffee is brewed with a stovetop moka pot and poured into a cup containing heated milk. It can also be hot or iced, and iced latte consists of shot of espresso, steamed milk and ice.

Consists of steamed milk, milk foam and shot of espresso.  Is an espresso-based coffee drink that originated in Italy, and is traditionally prepared with steamed milkfoa­­m. Outside of Italy, cappuccino is a coffee drink that today is typically composed of double espresso and hot milk, with the surface topped with foamed milk. This foam can be decorated with artistic drawings made with the same milk, called latte art.


Is a cornerstone of Italian coffee culture, along with the espresso and cappuccino. Espresso coffee drink with a small amount of milk, usually foamed. The idea is reflected in the Portuguese name for the drink café pingado, meaning coffee with a drop.


Consists of steamed milk, chocolate and espresso. It is like the preparation of latte but with chocolate. It is derived from the city of mocha, Yemen, one of the early coffee trade. Like a caffè latte, caffè mocha is based on espresso and hot milk but with added chocolate flavoring and sweetener, typically in the form of cocoa powder and sugar.

Café affogato

It consists of a shot of espresso and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It is a coffee dessert and it likely looks fancy. In Italy categorize the affogato as a dessert, some restaurants and cafes outside Italy categorize it as a beverage.

Flat white

It is common to a latte, but smaller in volume and with less micro foam, having a higher proportion of coffee to milk, and milk that is more in consistency allowing the espresso to dominate the flavor, while being supported by the milk.

Irish coffee

It’s a cocktail coffee consists of Irish whiskey, hot coffee, sugar and top with cream. In 19th-century France, a mixture of coffee and spirits was called a Gloria. It is also told that the original maker of the Irish coffee was invented by Joseph Jackson.

Maybe this types of coffee makes you crave, it doesn’t hurt to make one or buy one, a bad day with coffee is better than a good day without it.