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famous artworks

Famous art pieces in the world


Arts are surely wonderful and beautiful with its color of how they blend in, the texture, the shape, the variety and the balance of it. There is no art without us doing or creating some. Unexpectedly you can create an art without knowing because art is not just drawing or paintings stuffs, it’s a creation made by the creator even if it’s effortless. In this list below you might get curious to look for them, it is a famous art from around the world. Which of these impress you?



Mona Lisa

It is made by Leonardo da Vinci, a half-length portrait painted by an Italian artist. An archetypal masterpiece of Italian renaissance, described as the best known parodied work of art. Mona Lisa or the model of an art was Lisa del giocondo, a member of the gherardini family of Florence. It was painted between 1503 and 1506.

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Girl with a pearl earring

It is known as Mona Lisa of the north, painted by the 17th century Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. Simple portrait of a lady wearing a big pearl earring and painted in side view and the hair is tied back in a blue band with a combination of gold and a black background.

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The thinker

Iconic bronze sculpture of a crouching nude man nearly 20 feet tall and it is larger than a human. A sculptural works of Michelangelo and classical antiquity. The Thinker was initially named The Poet, and was part of a large commission begun in 1880 for a doorway surround called The Gates of Hell. 

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Starry night

Is another exceptionally famous work that has been replicated on bags, mugs, umbrellas, and more objects, a testament to its fame and popularity. Starry Night uses a strong color palette, with great energy created by the swirls of the brush. It was created by Van Gogh.

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American gothic

A cultural icon of a nation painted in 1930s in America. A picture of a farmer and its daughter.  Either way, the work suggests hardworking individuals who toil the land, a conservative America that contrasted with the growing industrial culture of the time, and a symbol of the American heartland.

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The scream

Most iconic human figure in the history of western art. Famous painting by Edvard munch part of the artist’s autobiographical series the frieze of life. Munch said the scene came from a moment of overwhelming anxiety and melancholy he experienced while out for a stroll with friends one evening.

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Venus de milo

A Greek goddess Aphrodite. Famous sculptures in the world, originated in ancient Greece. She was discovered on the island of Melos Greek and is now housed in the Louvre in Paris.

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Michelangelo’s famous sculpture.  It shows his mastery over the sculpting of human forms from marble.  It serves as a stellar example of High Renaissance art and the use of the contrapposto pose.  On his shoulder is a slingshot he used an attack to goliath.

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The persistence of memory

The possibly autobiographical meaning of the painting's title Persistence of Memory could very well refer to Dali's own memory of his own childhood surroundings. It was made by Salvador Dali. It is measured about 24cm x 33cm.

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The last supper

One of Leonardo da Vinci’s work.  Its fame was further boosted when it found itself at the center of Dan Brown’s novel and subsequent film based on it, The Da Vinci Code. The Last Supper depicts the moment when Jesus tells his disciples that one of them will betray him. 

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