Genuineness from Within

I'm a former service crew at Mc Donald’s for almost 18 months. During those days, I face a bunch of people who have different personalities. Over reacting costumers, Short tempered one especially senior citizens, and those couples who have their imaginary world, kidding aside .These are the typical scenarios happens in my 6 hrs duty.

There is an old man, physically thin and a bit weak who always bought us coins .Some costumers are bit shunned by him because of his physical appearance but he's used to it.


There is no time that he doesn't greet us, He also help our lobby person in busting out. Sometimes when he sees children on the street he divide his food .When i take his order (the chicken fillet ala carte) He always bring me some food and discount coupon he have. One time i asked about his family. " I have a daughter who doesn't want me to go out of the house , I'm too old , I don't want to just stay at home all day ". he replied .

Something seemed to sting my heart, I just remember my late grandmother, They are somehow similar.

"Yung i susubo niya nalang pero ibibigay pa sayo ".

I felt sad and glad at the same time. I realized that despite of poverty, he was still able to help those in need. This man is concerned to other people even though he doesn't have enough for himself. I therefore conclude that helping is not the aspect of being poor and rich, it is the matter of willingness.

I hope that all has a heart like him, I salute you tay, Good bless and more powers! Hope to see you again when i get back there .Thanks for the inspiration.



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