how to avoid being late at school




how to avoid being late at school

How to avoid being late at school


This are some tips for your school life. If you don’t want to be late that makes you feel like a crappy student, follow some of this guidelines that might help you.


Always on time

Being a tardy person is not in our blood it’s in your mind and it makes you feel lazy every time. Don’t make this as your routine we all know that time is gold. Being on time is matter of our routine as students, and being late is just temporary.


Not all time clocks are same

Your clock maybe advance or late so it may be reason you always go to school late. Some of your friends time are advance or late some of them are yours, don’t figure out your own time if it’s not sure, it may be a lamest excuse for a teacher or principal. Ask someone what time is it, it doesn’t hurt to ask.


Make a limit

You should know how your morning routine took many time. Set a time that surely give you more task to do without making it hurry.


Pick an outfit

Pick an outfit the night before to save your time in the morning. It takes too many time to pick an outfit or anything you want to wear that suits your comfort zone, to avoid this at morning, before going to bed pick an outfit first for tomorrow morning.


Backpack ready

At night time before going to bed, prepare all your things and bag and papers that was needed for tomorrow, especially your home works, so you can just grab it on your way out to the house.


 Lights off

Turn all your bedroom lights off before bed so you sleep more soundly. Since light can interfere your sleep, keep it as dark as possible when you sleep at night. Turn off any screens that shows light too, like your TV. If light shines through your window at night, consider closing your blinds or curtains as well.


Volume up

If you set an alarm, turn your volume louder so that you can hear it while sleeping, because some people adjusted their alarms in a low volume and that would not help them. it can make them sleep more like it’s their lullaby song.


Musical morning

Play your favorite music to help motivate you to start getting ready. Music can improve your mood and give you a burst of energy while you are preparing for school. Try to choose a loud music or pop or any music that keep like an energetic person.


Sleep earlier

Getting enough sleep can help you stay up for tomorrow, but if you’re constantly late for class is because you find yourself sleepy and difficult to get yourself out of the bed, you maybe did not have enough sleep. The best solution for this is simply sleep earlier than your usual sleeping time.


Using this approach, you'll discover all of the joys of being timely at school with no efforts.



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