IT Graduate Struggles and how we can overcome it




IT Graduate Struggles and how we can overcome it?

As an IT graduate myself, I faced different struggles after I graduate from a prestigious state university in Batangas. At first, I thought it will be easy to find a job since I had a little background in programming and especially in networking. I have a background in PC troubleshooting since our family runs a little internet café in our home and I also accept Computer and Laptop repairs. As I mentioned earlier, I thought it will be easy, but after my first interview, I was shocked. The test was hard and the interview pressured me a lot. There is a lot of skills that was needed and I admit that I don’t have such skills that was needed in order to be considered as a possible employee. Such skills like applied knowledge in programming and database management systems. I failed that job interview as I expected, but with this result, I also learn what I lack and what I did in order to cope up.

The Struggles

The fist struggle that I faced is my lack of skills in programming. In reality, programming is not just as simple as creating a single program that writes “Hello World”. There is a lot of application of programming like Web Development, Mobile Development, Software Development and Internet of Things (IOT). I graduated with a basic knowledge in programming. Some of the programming languages that I know is C++, C#, Python, Java, and PHP. Yes, I knew several programming languages. But, the problem is I never applied this programming language in the development of applications. In the interview, I said I knew this programming language. But when the time I was asked “Are you able to apply such skills in development of live application?” I knew that I will be screwed up since I don’t have any portfolio for them to show.
The lack of certification is a problem that I also faced. Since there is a lot of IT graduates all over the country, certificates could serve as a proof that you have a knowledge in certain things, I have a few certificates that I could show, but as I said before, it is not enough to prove my skills to the employer. The last problem that I faced is the travel time and expenses. Since most of the IT related jobs are in the Metro Manila, every time that I have interview, I need to go to Valenzuela a day before the interview and probably prepare 1000 peso pocket money for the interview.

How to avoid such struggles?

In order to avoid such problems, there is several ways in order to cope up and be considered as a possible employee. And this methods are:


Learn programming and apply it in developing application.


There is a lot of path you can take in programming, it is good to learn all the basics of programming but it is better to take a path depending on what you want and what you can do. For software development, you can study different programming languages like C#, C++, Java and Visual Basic. This application could be used to develop software applications for different scales. For web development, you can start studying different backend frameworks like Laravel, Django, CakePhp, Node.js, and many more. There is also different frontend frameworks like Bootstrap, Materialize CSS, Semantic-UI and many more. For IOT, you can use Arduino and Raspberry Pi. For Arduino, you can use C/C++ while in Raspberry Pi, you can use Python.

Learn Basic PC and Network Troubleshooting.

Since you are a fresh graduate, you need to have this skills. “The ability to troubleshoot your own device is a mandatory skills”. You can apply basic troubleshooting on your devices and for me, it is the easiest skills to learn. It consist of basic PC hardware and software troubleshooting and you can apply it when a problem will occur on your future workstations. Some Networking skills are helpful during the times that you cannot connect to the internet or in a certain devices.

Update your resume and create a LinkedIn account.

Creating a wonderful resume is a good way to catch the attention of your future employer. There is a lot of template of resumes online and you can improve this template according to your own style. Just don’t forget to use readable fonts and proper text styles. Adding a formal picture on your resume makes you more professional and neat. After creating a wonderful resume, you can now create a profile in LinkedIn and update your information so any employer could look up to you online.

Upload you resume to different job applications platform.

There is a lot of job application platform that could be used like Jobstreet, Kalibrr, and Indeed. You can also upload your resume in Facebook and begin job hunting in different Facebook groups. Now, it is easy to find a job and it is up to your wonderful resume if you will be called.

Enjoy life.

I know that it is hard, but don’t forget to enjoy a little bit. Just keep going and going, no matter how hard it is, you will success.

What am I right now?

Right now, I’m a SEO specialist in a growing company somewhere in Makati. I was so lucky that I’m accepted in this company, we have a friendly environment and a leader who have a lot of ideas and vision not only for the company but also for his employee. I was able to learn different skills, not just technical skills but also life wise skills. I hope that I will grow continuously in this company not just for myself but for my family also.




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