Hi.  It’s me again. I know that I promised to give you an update regarding our upcoming baby, so here it is…

Last Saturday my wife, my son and I woke up very early feeling excited to see her OB. At last, the gender of our baby will be revealed and we cannot wait for it. So we fixed ourselves up and went to San Juan De Dios Hospital. The queue in the Ultrasound Room is quite long when we get there so we just sat along the aisle and patiently waited.

The excitement among us really went up when we go closer and closer to be called by the attendant. To make us feel calm and relaxed, I got ourselves two cups of BTC ice cream. As my son continue to plays my cellphone, my wife and I did some brainstorming on what should be the name of our baby.Future mother applying baby girl shoes to belly Free PhotoFinally, we are next in line. I immediately asked my son to stay outside the room because he is not allowed to enter during the ultrasound procedure. I told him to take care of my cellphone so he can continue his game.

I saw my wife lying on the bed as she went there ahead of me. The doctor is very pleasant talking to us about my wife’s pregnancy. She even tell us some jokes while she carefully stroke the gadget to my wife’s tummy. The conversation is getting longer and longer and so our excitement when she finally tell us the thing that we wanted to know.

IT’S A BOY!!! After how many months of waiting, we finally knew the gender of our baby. I went out of the room first because my wife needs to fix herself up then. I went towards my son and whispered onto his ears the gender of his sibling to be. He smiled and I saw the excitement on his face because I know from the start that he wanted a baby boy. Pregnant woman holding ultrasound Free PhotoWe went home after that and the people in our house kept on asking us but we are not directly responding to them, instead, we are just giving them a smile. Now all we have to do is to think on what should be the name of our son. I know and Im sure that the name will be unique as his brother.



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