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OFW Feels

What is an OFW? OFW stands for Overseas Filipino Workers. They are currently working abroad to earn more than they can earn here in the Philippines. They are our nurses, domestic helpers, construction workers, engineers, drivers, chef, etc. They choose to work abroad for the family’s wellness and to create a wonderful living for their family here in the Philippines.

Image result for ofw"Some people doesn’t have any idea on how much these OFWs are sacrificing just to give their family a proper life. Some doesn’t eat on time. Sometimes their employers are treating them bad especially when you are a domestic helper. Sometimes one small mistake can threaten their job. They didn’t mind the hardship of their job so that they can send money in the Philippines regularly.

They avoid making their family worried by not revealing their true situation in abroad. Some may think that they are doing and earning well in other country but in real life, they have to work 24/7 to earn more and buy things that their family are requesting. They can’t buy for their own because they always think about what their family needs before their selves.

There has been so many movies and news about OFWs that has been killed, raped or even mistreated by their employer. The fact that so many incidents like these has happened, Filipinos still choose to work abroad because of the lack of employment and economic degradation that we are experiencing here in the Philippines. Sad but true.

They need to adjust to the people, food, language, traditions and beliefs of the country that they are working on. They have to leave their children here in the Philippines no matter how young they are.  Sometimes they didn’t even see their children grow. Sometimes their husbands or wives left them for other partner and blame it to them because they left for abroad.

Image result for ofw"These OFWs sacrifice everything. They can’t go home anytime they want. They need to spend years before coming back because of their contract. They can’t even go home for special occasions like Christmas, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and family gatherings due to their works.

So for these kind of occasions, these OFWs only rely for online shops so that they can still send gifts for their loved ones even though they are far away and busy. In our website www.philflora.com, many OFWs order flowers, chocolates and bears to be delivered to their loved ones even if they are in abroad.

www.philflora.com is trusted for our amazing service when it comes to flower bouquets! We offer same day delivery anywhere in the Philippines! You can also reserve your order to us. We have budget-friendly packages that will surely save you more! OFW or not, we are happy to accommodate your orders anytime!

To all OFWs out there, the whole country is very grateful for all of your sacrifices and effort for our country. You guys are the reason why our economy has a great and steady growth. We salute you all!



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