One last thing to complete my masterpiece

Hi! I’m back, this is Gia your entertainment blogger, Happy reading, this time I’m going to share my sorrow life, kidding and here it started. My mom didn't like me back then, I grew up with my grandmother since 2001, so here I am the Lola’s girl. Spoiled and super taken care of. I admitted that although I’m in age of 11 and up I don’t know how to cook, this is really embarrassing. In province at ages 9 and above you need to master all the house chores. My aunt and uncles are still mad at me until now. “Nanay is always biased on you. You’re the favorite even you’re only Nanay’s grandchild.” But my Lola is the one who always to the rescue to depends me. I couldn’t help but cry, I’m too weak that time to depend my side. When I turned 4th year high school then my grandma die, all of them are blaming me. “Ohh you’re with nanay but you don’t even take care of her, you’re the favorite but you always give her problems.”
I couldn’t bear the hurtful words of them .When I graduated my Junior High, I went on one of my nieces here in Manila so that I will pursue my Senior High School. After few months I left that house, the family of his wife and the wife itself have also bad attitudes. I look for a boarding house then tried to find part time jobs. I also apply to fast-food chains, Jollibee, Mang Inasal, Fortunately I got hired in Mc Donald’s beside Mall of Asia .So from Parañaque to Pasay. I used to go to my part time in canteen (5:00 pm – 5:00 am) to fulfill my requirements needed in McDonalds. After that, I enrolled again in Olivarez College Paranaque (11:00 am-7:00 pm) It's a private school but I have a voucher so my only problem was the excess balance. My voucher is only 17,000 and the tuition fee is in 23,000 so I need to pay the remaining. Then my McDonalds duty (12:00 am - 7:00 or 8:00 am). This was my daily routine for almost 18 months. Almost 3 years of being Independent here in Metro Manila and I have learned many things. I can say now that I am stronger woman than before .They used to know me as Angel, a weak, dependent and loser but now, They know me now as Gianne, a strong and independent a woman .As of now I’m working in a well-known Company in Makati, so grateful to work in a reputed company even though I’m not a degree holder. Even though my life has been pretty good, seems like something is missing. I couldn't help but think of my dream of studying and becoming a flight attendant. I been saving for my studies this coming year. I want to study for my grandmother, I know this is the only thing that can make her happy, and even she’s now gone. 
“Nay, all of this is for you, I will going to pursue my dream. I will fight for what is deserved. I love love love you so much!”To those people who is independent on their life, working students, and especially to those people who is been thinking of giving up, you can do all of that, Just lift your courage and conquer your fears. Time will come your hardships will end.  

I will update you guys when I already reach my dream, I will give you all discount on a plane ticket (Laugh). Hoping to see you soon readers .Let us Aim high, reach high people.



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