Practical research tips for students




Practical research tips for students

Here are some tips that will help you to take your research paper easy. Research is the part of learning, is like writing an essay but it is difficult than that. You can’t make a thesis without a source.  Every students are looking for an easiest way to make thesis, they seek for help and sources that is relate to their chosen topic. So here are the tips that will help your research gain more quality.

  •  Make a schedule!

Before making a research, you should set a schedule separately on each chapter or each work. It is better if you make more time so you can check your work again to re-fix some wrong grammars or any information’s that you think May not satisfy the reader. It is easier if you can work on it at the right time because if it’s late it will be hard for you to chase time and your work will not be good as you want it to be. Remember, don’t skip the schedule or the task of any of your work, it will be hard for you to do it at once , because the time you created is not enough if its more than one task.

  • Answer your own question

A student must know the answer to any specific questions, and solve the problem. At first making a thesis has many questions. So it should set the thesis in the very beginning of the research paper. Specific topic will make it easy for you and help you to avoid some information that doesn’t relates to the topic. If you gather many information that does not relates your research topic it will mislead you and it will make your work a mess and complicated to understand.

  • Schema

Draw an outline. Make your paper into logical. Breaking down your work into parts you will easily find out which information is missing, and make some time to look for it. So, you will save your time for editing the paper as all information is combined, and also save your nerves as there will not be the reason to worry when you work will close to finishing.

  • Point of view

It’s okay to visit Wikipedia but don’t make it your own source, don’t copy paste everything, it is more better if it’s your own point of view. Express your thoughts or opinions, let your brain do the work not the internet itself. Be unique, it’s okay to know someone’s work or gain some idea, don’t copy every detail of it, you can paraphrase it. Always remember that plagiarism is a crime.If you want to copy the sentence you should put some name of who said that, who made that, or the original owner of it, then make a reference.

  • Make friends with books!

Books are better than social media knowledge. Always visit the library, and find some information there that can help your research paper, make friends with the librarian, communicative skills are important. Internet has many source but not all of it. If you are close to the librarian, you can ask them so it won’t be hard for you to find your needs for your research paper. But, being independent on your own will be able to find the literature you need.

  • Ask someone!

Don’t be shy asking someone to help you. Not only the librarian or the internet are your source. Your professor or teacher are more willingly to help you and give you some tips, don’t think of being stupid, curiosity is feature of well-educated person.

  • New technologies easier life!

Many scientists and researchers uses modern tools that make thesis much easier. Lot of websites will make your will provide your work. If you make a good quality research, it is definitely with a help of tools or technologies.

  • List it down quickly!

Unexpected sources come all of a sudden. Always take note of something that you think may help to your research, because sometimes you’ll forget it, so list it quickly. Finally you made it to the end, so do you understand how to do the research easily? Hopefully this would help you to make your own research.



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