Southeast Asian Games : History 




Southeast Asian Games : History

  • History

May 22, 1958, representatives from the Southeast Asian countries held a meeting and established an organization, it was considered by Luang then the vice president of Thailand Olympic committee. The meeting was held in Tokyo, japan. The following countries who participates as a member are namely Burma, Kampuchea, Laos, Malaya, Thailand, and Vietnam, agreeing to hold the games in June 1959. SEA games was first held at Bangkok from December 12-17, 1959, consists of 527 players and officials. Since the organization was held since 1959, it was been held in 15 cities across all Southeast Asian countries. 2009 SEA games was the first time Laos hosted it because they previously declined it from 1965 cause of financial difficulties. 

  • Logo

The logo was created with six rings at first representing the six countries who participates as a member it was used until the edition in Jakarta, then it was added to ten representing the participating of the other countries.

  • SEA (Games/Sports)

This kind of organization known as multi-sport, has 12 sports namely aquatics, athletics, badminton, basketball, boxing, cycling, football, shooting, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, and weightlifting. The SEA Games features some of the non-Olympic sports in its organization, reflecting the popularity of sports from other region, or as a means of introducing more obscure sports to the region and beyond. Some sports dropped from the Olympic may still be retained in the SEA games, although the games does not feature all of the Olympic sports, often in favor of the traditional ones.

  • 2019 SEA games: Philippines 2019 30th SEA games

30th SEA games was held at Philippine arena near NLEX it consists of 55,000 seating capacity, they hosted the opening ceremony of the organization, it was scheduled to take place on evening November 30, 2019 at Philippine arena, actually this is the first it held in an indoor venue. The opening was inspired from 2017 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the 2018 winter Olympics in South Korea. The closing ceremony will be held at athletics stadium in new Clark city. The organizers of the games made a volunteer program on April 2019 in taguig to help the organization of the 2019 Southeast Asian Games. Around thousands of individuals were recruited among those 20,686 people who expressed interest to join the volunteering program, thousands of which applied through official online portals. 2,000 and more applicants were foreigners while 6,000 were elected by educational institutions. The medals was created by a Filipino Daniel Cruz, he too created the torch. The gold medals is made of 24-karat gold and the bronze was made in rose gold in color. Ribbons used to hold the medals around the athletes neck. Official motto of 30th SEA games is “we win as one”. The official mascot is Pami, derived from word “family” from English. The mascot represents the logo or the countries including athletes and every persons are united together that who support the game.






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