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Thank you, Teacher

Here in the Philippines, teachers are considered as our second parents inside the campus. They teach us since we’re little up to when we graduate. They teach us how to write, count and read. They teach us moral values and good manners.

Our teachers are as valuable as our parents. Even though we are not blood related to them, they are the ones who shaped and trained us to get to where we are now. They teach us almost everything we need to prepare us for our future.

They cope up with the changes in the education system and to their students. A teacher must be flexible, hardworking and dedicated in his/her job because being a teacher is tough. You encounter different students, parents and workmates. They solve problems within the classroom. They provide quality education to students.

We are doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers, IT, managers, policeman, chef, etc. without our teachers. We should thank them for everything they taught to us. Without their guidance and teachings, we probably wouldn’t be successful in our careers.

Nowadays, there has been many laws about teachers punishing or giving assignments. Many people is against it because the student needs to be disciplined in a way that he/she will learn from his/her mistakes. Many parents are sensitive nowadays that’s why most of the kids are not disciplined properly. They might think that they didn’t do anything wrong in school because the teacher can’t discipline them right.

Kids must know that being discipline is important. It must not be taken the wrong way. It helps them do what is right and make the wrong things right. Parents must trust the teachers of the welfare of their children inside the school because they are the second parents of their children in school.

Teachers give most of their time in school works and paper works. They should be thanked for all the sacrifices they are doing for the students. Everyone must realize how important teachers are. We must value and respect them like how we respect our parents.

Teacher’s Day is celebrated every October 5. Some schools and campuses cancel classes and some schools have programs to celebrate teachers in their day. Many students surprise their teachers with flowers, cards, cake, chocolates or bear. Some students prepare a simple program for different teachers.

For this kind of celebration, people should order in a trusted flower and gift shop. It can save students more money if they canvas prices before the teacher’s day.  Pair the flowers with DIY (Do It Yourself) gifts. Teachers love DIY gifts because they can feel your efforts with it.

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