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The Colorful World of Gerbera

A lot of people doesn’t know what gerbera flower is. Some people call gerbera as lilies or daisy. It looks like a small sunflower but gerbera has many colors unlike sunflower. It has yellow, red, pink, white, purple and orange. Some people buys gerbera as a decoration in their homes because it livens up the mood of the room and it also has a long vase life so you can use it as a decoration for quite some time. It is also great for every occasions like valentines, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, wishing someone to get well and for congratulating someone special. With or without occasion, gerbera is a great flower because many people admires how nice gerbera is.

The colors of gerbera can bring different kind of moods. You can express your emotions with gerbera. The yellow signifies friendship and happiness. So choose yellow gerberas and give it to your friends or to make someone happy. The orange gerbera signifies enthusiasm and energy. It also symbolizes the sunshine. Buy orange gerberas and tell your special someone “You are my Sunshine”.

The purple gerbera signifies feminine beauty and elegance. You can give purple gerberas to your mother or girlfriend to tell them how beautiful and elegant they are. The pink gerbera signifies gentleness and grace. You can give your loved ones pink gerbera to tell them how gentle your love for them. The white gerbera signifies purity and innocence. To show your pure intentions and innocent love. And lastly the red gerbera. It signifies passion and love. Red gerberas can make your loved ones feel how passionate your love is for them.

You can buy red gerbera instead of roses for valentines or mother’s day. Roses are really common everywhere so why don’t you try gerberas for a change?  With so much choices available, it’s often better to mix things up and to enjoy the whole spectrum of beautiful gerbera colors on offer with a bouquet combining many different hues. However, if you want to send a clear message to a special someone, using the magic of matching color gerberas is an ideal choice.

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