The Filipino tradition and culture



the Filipino tradition and culture

What makes a Philippines are different from the rest of the world? Well, it’s all about our culture and tradition that you should know from any other nation that makes you inspired and believe. The Philippines are very thankful because we have Filipino that very talented and respectful person and here are some characteristics that you should know about Filipino tradition and culture that makes you inspired and you should not miss.

The Filipino are very resilient -when the times they have calamities, the Filipino are always them to manage to rise and help about the problem or above challenge. Instead the Filipino are always manage to pick up smile whenever what happens.

The Filipinos take their pride in their family- In the Philippines the family is first and very important. Whether you are the part of immediate family or in other generation you treat and belong as family member like sometimes you treat like a family with your friends.

The Filipino are very religious - In Filipino tradition and culture. The Filipino are very respectful and honest why? Because they don’t miss what their due to give respect whenever it happen twice or always.

Filipino help one another- most known as “bayanihan”, because help one another without expecting anything to return they understand and their tasks and responsibilities because it much easy.

The Filipino value and tradition – the Filipino in their home or in their family tradition are very important. They set aside specific day to celebrate like festivals, birthday or reunion and also we have foods or parties that bring enjoy in this tradition.

The Filipinos love to party- the Filipino are love to join celebration and fiesta.

The last is the Filipino have the longest Christmas celebration- they have Christmas party, caroling and love to sing because they love and respect the most special tradition like this.