The Importance of newspapers  




the importance of newspapers

What is the important of news for the students? For our students sometimes we don’t need to watch or listen to the news. Sometimes we don’t remember what is the important of news because sometimes we don’t have the time for this but in other way our parents are always said that. As we turn to be matured we student  experience a lots of changes in our life and need sometimes we did know what happen and what will  do there are possible that all of  this is happen because we don’t help our self   to have the idea  about news or  sometimes  there are the reason we need to understand.

News is one of the important part foe everyday need why? Because news are help us to know and to learn the important lesson I write this because I read some of the story that prove the news can change our daily do  and it is give an idea to make and to have the good and bad happen news is just simple way for us to make a good  person  news is guide for us to know what is the important we can learn today and the next day now we have heard any issue  about the kidnapping and for I heard the kidnappers is interested with teenager 15 below now we have the problem because of this all we need is to listen because there a lots of issue that all of this is we can have the idea to stop it and  about  to  kidnapping and for this we need to be prepared because we see  and understand the possible effect what is this happen  and  the news especially for our student we need this  now because   it’s not to help but to be good example for  our education  and to other you and other we can bring and get more idea  because if we look for the other issue  there are many of student is enjoy to listen  reading  the  news.

Reading or watching whatever the important is the news is not just for fun or joke it because sometime the news is important not for kids but for us now the time is so very fast  there are many chance to start reading and watching the good effect of news just don’t be afraid   to be  a respectful person we need to improve that we make a  good example for other  the idea and understanding is most important the  news is  now we can share  our  own way and strategy    that someday if they have   so many question we can say that reading and watching news we can get the best answer for our question.





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