The Power of Music  In Life



The Power of Music In Life

Sometimes in life people grieve. People feel all kinds of emotions. Music is almost and emotion in itself. In my eyes music can be an escape for a minute or two. It can be for however long you desire. Music has been called a way of life for certain human beings. Somehow, it has made such a large influence on the world. Music is an important factor to the life of every human. It invokes the strongest of emotions and can trigger long forgotten memories, even after years of suppression. I can think of many instances where music has impacted someone's life in some significant way. It may be something such as a big decision, or even a small predicament. Musicians have the advantage of touching people with their lyrics or music; a gift some people will never be able to give as well, but most people have the chance to listen to the feeling and conviction put into musician's work. Some of us have musical talent and others don't, but those who do can share their emotions through an expression, so to speak. The way music effects our everyday lives can be almost incomprehensible at times.

One time in particular stood out to me when I thought of examples of what impact music can make on our lives. When people speak their language just like lyrics, they speak their certain tone, which add emotion to the words. Music is a universal language, it can inspire anyone it seems like people all around the world are united under one common language, music. It is amazing that everyone can feel in the same way; the beat, the melody, and the rhythm can actually bridge the gap between different cultures. Literally music is everywhere and people are living amid its melody. Additionally music has the power to touch emotional beings and evoke feelings that cannot be describe in words. A lot of people listen to their earphones and spontaneously move their body or fingers, following the beat of the music. It is scientifically proven that music affects brain functions. Also, music has the power to take listeners away from the real world. It is a fact that music is here to stay whether for better or for worst. Music has changed things. How music affect us and promotes health said that music has an ability to help brain function which improve your reading and literacy skills, spatial-temporal reasoning, mathematic skill and emotional intelligence. Music also brain memorize better. “A study by how music affect us and promotes health”. So we can listen to music every time that we want. Now that you know about these then you should listening music that you love every day.

Everyone is an artist, but each expresses themselves differently; some artists throw paint on a canvas, some artists frolic in precise patterns, and some artists weave sentences to be read aloud. Still, some artists choose to express themselves through melodic pitches, breaking into the very soul of those who hear them, whether old or young. Everybody knows what music is and they all have heard a form of it but most people underestimate the value and power music has in our everyday lives. Whether they know it or not music plays a vital role in the lives of people today. Music is a very efficient tool that influences and assists people, it plays a huge part in today’s society, and it had done so much for me as an individual.