The Score of Life




The Score of Life

To these generation, Basketball is the most influential of all the sports here in Philippines because in these late year. You can play basketball even at home or even in your area. You just need to have ball and a ring then there it is! You have a basketball court. Sorry, I meant half basketball court. But when do the basketball started and who started basketball?

Did you know that basketball was introduced by the American colonial period in the Philippines with the first American teachers?
Yes, it is true that the American colony is the most influential country around late 1900. This was brought along with baseball through YMCA and the school system

Did you know that basketball is only for women's sport in 1910 and was played in the interscholastic meets in 1911 and 1913?
Basketball is sport for female only but the Catholic Church that female playing basketball is inappropriate because this time skirts were allowed to be worn above bloomers female players because of that volleyball became the more preferred sports among Filipino women.

The first men's national team organized in the 1910s won the first far eastern championship games in 1913 and it won a gold medal. So the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), which had basketball as its main sport, was established in 1924.

So what can we say? Basketball became our popular sports right now, even the kids around 6 - 10 years old has already know the trick in dribbling or shooting the ball.
You can tell to their faces that they are very happy in playing it. In fact, even they been hurt or have an injury. They still want to play and give everything they want.

From my experience, I started playing basketball around 9 years old and at the same time I learning both basketball and art. Playing basketball in our street just a small half court ring and small ball. Playing it makes me happy even though I’m very tired at the end. The sweat the adrenaline that makes you move all your body part at the same time. The fact that you hold the ball until it you shoot it on the ring. That's the happiest time in your life. Even I tried to not play my body act on their own.

Basketball is really the most influential sports of all. You can say that everyone what’s to be like NBA players like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kyrie Irving or even Steph Curry. As of now this is the most influential people in NBA. So kids right now watch a basketball tutorial like how to dribble faster, increase their shooting range or even how to jump higher.

Other people make fortune out of this sports. You may know the Filipino version of NBA. PBA or Philippine Basketball Association is a well-known in the Philippines. Many Passionate Ballers does not continue their degree because of basketball. Basketball influence them so much that it became there work. Some college players became a UAAP players and PBA players recruited by different Teams.

You should have heard Kobe Paras? Son of well-known Benji Paras?
This boy loved the basketball so much that he take what his father left behind. After he graduated high school. There are international college school came looking for him. They invited Kobe Paras to play in there school. So who would not grab this awesome opportunity? So because of that. Kobe Paras became a well-known Basketball Player not only in the Philippines but international too.

You can say that this basketball is what people like and 8 out of 10 people like it or playing it. So what can we say? If you haven’t tried playing it. You must try, moved that muscle of your and play the most influential sports and feel what other people feel in basketball.





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