What makes a great teacher?



what makes a great teacher

What is the important of a great teacher? Being a teacher teaching is the most complicated jobs today. It demands of brought knowledge of subject, curriculum and standard and also caring attitude the love of learning and discipline in the classroom. Our teacher makes a different style to how they can handle their students with the all of this is required the support no wonder that is hard to find a great teacher.

Being a teacher they have different characteristics and responsibilities. They are expect a high expectation for all their students that can help to study and don’t give up on what are their want to achieve. A great teacher is give a clear idea of what they will be learning.  A great teacher is not give up until her student is understand and remember the lesson they discussed because a teacher teach the good and bad for their students like the responsibilities and good manner in school or in the classroom. the teacher are given the best as they can do for their student not to failed but the best for them because a great teacher is always prepared and organized and always ready to teach lesson clear and in a structured way they make sure that their classroom are organized to avoid distractions for the health of their students and always remember the silent while they start to discussed.

The great teacher always look for opinion as they start to ask the question. Like what are they understand and learn to make sure that the student are follow they try to engage the whole class and don’t give up a few students to dominate the class. That they student motivated and a great teacher form strong relationship with their students to show that they care about them as people, the great teacher  are very talented, warm and accessible because the teachers with these qualities are known to stay after the school to make sure that the students and parents are available that they are involved in school committees and activities of school and  the great teacher teach and spend time to continue a new knowledge for their field to present some of important manner to student to learn more and to on their own and they reach parents through conference and frequent report and they don’t hesitate to pick up the telephone to call a parents if they concerned for their student but to be role of teacher become more significant in education.