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Why Boracay is Different now !!

I was in Boracay last 2017 December with my friends from Algeria and my whole family here at Boracay at Station 2,  it was good experience too. But I can easily see the big differences today. 

I have just arrive in Boracay to meet region IV SUCs president to discuss about foreign student to study here in Philippines. I took AirAsia flight which in time from Manila and arrived earlier than said time in the ticket. From airport I took a transfer to my hotel. Once I arrive the port which still same process like before time but more clean and better hospitality. 

But once I arrived in BORACAY island and I notice there is big changes in 5 secounds that road are really good now, its wide, its better.  When I ride the VAN and I notice there is no DUST like before and no garbage in the Street, its shining and no traffic too. I was so happy even I was live in FB KwentoniJuan page to share my experiences here in Boracay Road right the way.

I was happy to see the fallowing:-

Safety of the Boracay was almost perfect, Tourist Police is all around they are smiley, happy and willing to assist whoever needed. They are making sure the clean Boracay. 

I was so shock and happy when the sunset come as well as evening come because I notice there is no fire dances and drinking session in the beach, NO store allow to extend their store in font of the Beach and make dirty the place, which was BIG change I guess because many people love see and enjoy so call night life. I believe that it was hard decision for Government to took and execute as well. Thank You again local Government as well as our President.